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Australian Event Productions

5 days 18 hours ago

Here's a great article from Amber Technology about DPA's d:facto microphones being put to the test on Channel 7! The full d:facto series is available from Australian Event Productions!

DPA capsules put to the test live on breakfast television

Ivan Ordenes owner of Dubology Studios in Sydney is a DPA Microphones Master Club member.

Ivan wanted to test the capabilities and attributes of the d:facto
capsules in a television studio environment, as well as on a live stage with his regular performers. In addition, Ivan and his team analysed the differences between both linear and non-linear capsules.

The non-linear capsule delivered a greater presence on vocals. The 10kHz boost of the non-linear d:facto worked better on lead vocals. Performers on the Channel 7 breakfast show had the opportunity to test both d:facto capsules. All supporting electronic settings (consoles, IEM, outboard) were kept the same for both, and the artists were not told which capsule was being used.

The Non-linear capsule delivered a more pleasant experience in terms of clarity, presence and overall sonic quality.

The full article is available at http://info.ambertech.com.au/view-the-latest-ambertech-case-studies

Australian Event Productions

1 week 2 days ago

Regramming the amazing Jason McGregor (guitars and vocals for Adam Brand, Luke Kennedy, The Lamplights, Naomi Price), talking about our chic AEP mugs! Thanks Jason

"The tap tone on this mug is stunning. Simply the best sounding mug I’ve ever owned"

Australian Event Productions

1 week 5 days ago

AEP Spotlight: Data

AEP not only provide audio, backline and Lighting, we also provide data services, making us truly a full production provider!

We're experts in Audio over IP, digital lighting networks like sACN and ARTnet and VOIP.

For more information, check us out below: