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Australian Event Productions

6 days 23 hours ago

#ThrowbackThursday to an amazing seven (we think!) years ago when we provided full production for Diesel Music on his North Queensland tours. This is a few of our cases taking a leisurely trip across to Hamilton Island. Some equipment has all the luck!

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Australian Event Productions

2 weeks 22 hours ago

When we say we create magical moments at AEP, we really mean it. This is an amazing photo from the Creative Generation - State Schools Onstage Voices Finals event that AEP provided full production for.

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A special thanks to Adam from TLD Services - Event Lighting Creation for a great lighting design!

Australian Event Productions

2 weeks 6 days ago

AEP Spotlight: Radio Microphone Antennas

Today we're looking at radio microphone antennas, and here at Australian Event Productions, we use RF Venue Diversity Fin Antennas to make sure that our radio microphones are rock solid at every show.

The patented Diversity Fin™ is a multi-purpose antenna for wireless microphones that reduces dropouts using a cross-polarized, hybrid design. It combines one LPDA and one dipole antenna in an right angle configuration. One element captures vertically polarized waves, and the other horizontally polarized waves—doing the same job as two “shark fin” paddles while greatly improving RF and audio performance.

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