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Australian Event Productions

5 days 4 hours ago

It's been a busy week, but we've somehow still found time to get our great new case labels attached and ready to roll out for shows this weekend! Don't they look great.

We don't just make sure our events look and sound the best, everything has to be in perfect working order to ensure we provide the best service to our clients!

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Australian Event Productions

1 week 1 day ago

Our friends at optikal bloc have been hard at work putting a new sizzle reel together for us, and we think it perfectly encapsulates the excitement and magic that we bring to events.

For all your production needs, AEP a guaranteed to provide you with the best result, everytime. Contact us today to talk to us about your event.

Lighting design for Lady Beatle and Rumour Has It by Jason Glenwright.

Australian Event Productions

2 weeks 1 day ago

For Monday, we've got a flashback to three years ago at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts with Luke Kennedy and Mark Sholtez performing a delicious rendition of Roxanne!

AEP provided Audio Hire, Production Management, Sound Design and Recording for the show, which was performed on the stage for the little red company's 'Wrecking Ball', playing concurrently. We used elements of the in-house PA system along with out ADRaudio speakers to provide even coverage to the entire venue, from the front to the back.

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Uncovered: Sting & The Police - Roxanne

Featuring Luke Kennedy & Mark Sholtez

With: Michael Manikus on piano and Jason McGregor on guitar

Lighting design: Jason Glenwright
Sound design: Jamie Taylor
Produced by: the little red company
Footage by: Alec Schultz
Filmed at: Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts