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Australian Event Productions

1 month 3 weeks ago

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Australian Event Productions

1 month 3 weeks ago

We don't just supply equipment, we provide a magical experiences for you and your guests.

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Australian Event Productions

2 months 44 minutes ago

Over the last month, AEP has been proud to provide to many shows, but none as much as our full sponsorship of Kelsey Laura Circus's circus show, "Proximity".

Combining circus with storytelling, Proximity explores what it means to be close to one another, to trust each other, and to have that trust broken. A sharp counterpoint between physical strength and emotional vulnerability, this show will reach in, clutch your heartstrings and twist.

The show is a powerful juxtaposition of circus aerials, acrobatics and heart-wrenching storytelling, asking each of us to consider hard questions like: Will I be okay? Am I safe? Who can I trust? Intimate, exposing and profoundly human, Proximity explores what happens in the space between where one person ends and another begins.

AEP provided a full PA system including our ADR U61's, combining maximum punch within a small size speaker to keep the focus on the performer and not on the PA.

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