Klark Teknik KT-MADI



The KT-MADI network module provides MADI compatibility for the KLARK TEKNIK DN9650 and DN9652 Network Bridges, and features up to 64 or 32 bidirectional channels at 48 kHz or 96 kHz respectively. KT-MADI offers high performance point-to-point links over both industry standard optical fibre and coaxial copper connections, and is ideally suited to interface with third party recording and playback equipment.


KT-MADI features dual redundant operation with automatic failover to the coaxial copper interface in the event of a failure with the optical fibre interface.


The KT-MADI network module can act as MADI clock master, MADI clock slave or can synchronise to one of the available external clock sources in either the KLARK TEKNIK DN9650 or DN9652 host unit.


KT-MADI is electrically and mechanically compatible with the industry standard Cirrus CM-1 format.


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