LED Lighting

Australian Event Productions has made a conscious choice to only invest in industry-leading LED lighting technology.  Not only does this mean that our events look spectacular, but LED fixtures also present many benefits to the environment.

Not only does LED lighting look great, but they are proven to use considerably less electricity than their traditional discharge or Tungsten equivalents.  Not only are the light sources more efficient, but LED’s don’t require ‘lamping on’ like a traditional discharge element found in many traditional moving light fixtures.  This adds to the energy savings, meaning LED lights are only drawing the majority of their power while they’re active, not all the time.

LED lighting also produces greatly reduced rates of thermal radiation, reducing the large strain on air-conditioners to adjust for heat from lighting rigs.

A final benefit of LED lighting is the greatly extended bulb life of the LED’s, meaning less landfill is required for expired bulbs.

Overall, AEP’s LED lighting solutions reduce energy consumption and waste of our Lighting rigs, reducing our event footprint on the Earth