Reuse of materials

Australian Event Productions recognises that a large part of protecting our environment is the re-use and recycling of materials.  We have analysed our workplace and systems to reduce our reliance on new supplies, and to recycle as much equipment and consumables as possible.

A great example of our recycling project is batteries.  We frequently need to use batteries for wireless microphones and lighting.  This would traditionally result in boxes of single-use, half-used batteries entering landfill.  However, we realised there is a better way.  Australian Event Productions now powers as much as is reasonable, our wireless products with rechargeable batteries, particularly in touring or long-use environments.  Where this is not possible, single use batteries are reclaimed and taken, along with any expired recyclable batteries, to a battery recycling depots run by Planet Ark.

Another great example is our use of Velcro cable-ties, rather than electrical tape for rolling our cables.  We estimate our use of Velcro ties has reduced our consumption of Electrical tape by 90%, meaning that less one-use tape is used on our events and is therefore not entering landfill.

Australian Event Productions is also proud of our use of reuse-able roadcase labels.  While our labels are significantly more expensive than traditional single-use sticky labels used by other companies, our use of them has contributed to a significant reduction of our waste entering landfill.