Supplier Accountability

Australian Event Productions is committed to reducing its’ carbon footprint, and hope that our example helps our associated suppliers and clients to reduce theirs as well.  One example of this is that we expect our suppliers to follow our lead in reducing their carbon footprints.  AEP actively tries to source equipment and services from suppliers that are as committed as we are to saving the environment.

A great example of this is the website you’re currently viewing.  Our homepage is hosted in a data centre owned by Google, who have a long history of Carbon neutrality.  Google is a world leader in ecologically sound projects, as well as responsible sourcing of its’ supply chain.

Another example of our commitment to Supplier Accountability is our use of Apple Computers.  Apple produces all of its’ energy out of renewable sources, and also has a commitment to recycling devices and packaging sources.

Australian Event Productions encourages all of our suppliers to look at their own businesses and products to find areas where we can all improve our abilities to reduce our impact on the environment